Sunday Celebration Services

Our wish is that your first visit to Unity of Traverse City will be one filled with joy and that offers you a very meaningful celebration of God in your life today!

Senior minister Rev. Eileen Stulak leads our Sunday celebration service which begins at 10:30 a.m. in our sanctuary. We have an average attendance of 60-65 people each week and our service length is typically one hour in length.

Unity of Traverse City is focused on being a positive path for spiritual living. As such, our services include an uplifting message with ‘take-aways’ for practical application in your daily life. In addition to the weekly lesson, our services always contain elements of prayer and meditation and are supported by inspirational, contemporary music. There is also time set aside to offer a friendly greeting to those around you.

If you are unable to attend or live out of town, you may listen to the weekly Sunday lesson available at our Media & Resources section.

November 24 – Thanksgiving Communion Service: The Great Fullness of Life

Rev. Kelly Isola writes, ‘The great fullness of life is not something to accomplish or aspire to. It is not something to be mastered, nor is it something at which to succeed. The great fullness of my life is something I lean into with every step of my human dance.’ Our special Thanksgiving service will give us the opportunity to see how the great fullness of life comes about from knowing ourselves, realizing the responsibility we have to others, embracing our oneness with Life, and being present to every experience that serves to bring out our goodness and beauty.

November 17 – Guest Speaker Blake Ringsmuth “Spiritual Capitalism – Can the 2 Coexist?”

November 10 – Accepting Your Good Prosperity Series #5: One Digit From Wealth

Holding onto thoughts and/or beliefs in things like lack, unworthiness, competition, and struggle will surely keep us from experiencing prosperity in our lives. However, it only takes one small tweak of consciousness to set us free and impel us forward into the unlimited abundance of Spirit.

November 3 – Second Chances

We all make mistakes. We all have days we’d like to ‘do over’. Perhaps that’s why Spirit created second chances in life. Second chances are filled with possibility and potential. Possibility for correcting mistakes, offering forgiveness, and making necessary changes in our lives. Potential for healing, growth, and bringing forth even more of our best selves. Perhaps the best thing of all, though, is that not only can we be given a second chance, we can also offer one to someone else.

October 27 – The Power of You: The Final Frontier

Historically, stories of ‘final frontiers’ reflect on how men and women have pressed forward – journeyed outwardly – to bring forth new discoveries. The frontier we are focused on discovering now is one that leads us inward. It is a spiritual frontier. Each day it calls us to expand our consciousness into new territories of Spirit. It asks that we trust in the unknown and believe we will be guided and provided for every step of the way, as will every fellow sojourner on the path.

October 20 – The Power of You: Self-Command

What does it mean to take command of your life? It means to be true to who you are and to forge your own path. Your unique path will become clearer and easier to travel when you let go of conformity and embrace the freedom to be yourself; when you loosen any hold on consistency and allow room for life’s inconsistencies and paradoxes; and when you remember that love can exist even when understanding does not.

October 13 – The Power of You: Your Soul’s Assignment

Deep within each of us is our soul’s assignment, that which we are called to do in our lives. Another way to describe it is that of Spirit, alive within you, knowing what is possible for your life. These assignments can show up in our dreams, present themselves in areas of life that are unjust, show up as a ‘missing piece’, or simply be felt in our hearts. It is up to us to make a commitment to let go of any fears or beliefs in powerlessness, and embrace the life of greatness our souls have come here to live.

October 6 - The Power of You: Your Mind and How to Use It

Our mind is a powerful thing, and perhaps one of the few things in life that we have the ability to control more often than not. It’s no wonder that our life is an out-picturing of that upon which we have chosen to focus our thoughts. In order to create a joy-filled life, we must pay attention to a few inhabitants of our mind that may not wish the same joy for us: the voice of our inner critic, resentments, and un-forgiveness.

September 29 – The Power of You: Self-Acceptance with Rev. Eileen Stulak

When we choose to be accepting of ourselves, it is because we have decided we don’t want to keep trying to be someone else or someone we’re not. We soon find that self-acceptance is a decision to be ‘all-in’ – to accept ourselves in and through both the good and the challenging times. In other words, self-acceptance at its finest has no conditions attached; it is firmly rooted in the self-worth found in the Presence and Power of God within.

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