A Course in Miracles Study Group

UPDATE: A Course In Miracles study group is now meeting at the church every THURSDAY at 6 pm.

On one level, A Course in Miracles in a restatement of the core of wisdom found in every major world religion.  However, the Course is a spiritual teaching rather than a religion.  While it uses Christian terminology, it is ecumenical in nature and states that “a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.”  The Course makes no claim of being “the only way,” but clearly states that it is only one of many thousands of forms of “the universal course” that can be used for personal transformation.  The thought system of the Course is intellectually sophisticated and combines spiritual inspiration with deep psychological understanding of such phenomena as belief and defense systems, perception and identity.   

Wherever you are on your path of spiritual growth and unfoldment, you are welcome to join us in discussing the concepts of the Course which teach us how to live a more loving, peaceful and joyous life. Whether you are a long time student of the Course, or someone wanting to begin, you are welcome. 

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Please contact us at info@unitytraversecity.org to know more.