Program/Event Application

Unity Spiritual Center of Traverse City

Program/Event Application

Brought to you by the Spiritual Enrichment and Education Team 


Please submit this completed application form by placing it in the slot on the office door at Unity of Traverse City.  If there are any additional documents or materials required, please ensure they are attached as well. Or, you can fill out the application online with the webform option.

Thank you for your application and your interest in supporting the spiritual growth and development of our community in accordance with Unity vision, mission, principles and values.  The Spiritual Enrichment and Education team will review your application and contact you with further information regarding the selection process.

Unity Spiritual Center of Traverse City

Vision, Mission, Principles and Values




Joyfully united in unconditional love, we celebrate a world alive with unlimited potential.


We are a thriving, Spirit-centered community, dedicated to living Truth principles that transform lives and the world.

Five Basic Principles of Unity

  1. God is the only true presence and power in the Universe.
  2. We are individualized expressions of God; our divine potential and spiritual essence are called the Christ.
  3. We create our reality through the thoughts we hold in consciousness.
  4. We become aware of our oneness with God through prayer and meditation.
  5. We must put spiritual truth into practice in order to change our lives.

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Five Values of Unity of Traverse City

  1.  Love:  We express unconditional love, acknowledging God’s presence in ourselves and in all people.
  2. Service:  We joyously share our gifts with our local, national, and global communities.
  3. Spirit-led:  We turn within to Spirit for wisdom, clarity, and guidance.
  4. Compassion:  We express kindness and heartfelt empathy to those moving through times of challenge.
  5. Integrity:  We express in ways that are authentic, transparent, and in alignment with our Vision, Mission, and Values.