Spiritual Enrichment and Education Committee


The purpose of the Spiritual Enrichment and Education Committee (SEE) is to encourage the spiritual growth and development of participants in accordance with Unity principles and values.  The committee will do this by providing opportunities and activities which can assist participants in achieving greater spiritual understanding, wisdom, and discernment.  

Scope of Responsibility:

The Spiritual Enrichment and Education Committee will operate according to the following guidelines and parameters:

  • The Spiritual Enrichment and Education Committee will be comprised of no more than six members, one member being a current Board representative who acts as a liaison.  The Board liaison will be responsible for updating the Board concerning activities of SEE, recommendations for future programming, and impact of programs delivered.   Members will agree to serve a one-year term which can be extended. 

  • The committee will make decisions as to what educational and enrichment programs will be sponsored through Unity of Traverse City (UTC), along with input from the Board of Directors, to ensure that the spiritual education and enrichment initiatives are in alignment with the overall vision and goals of UTC.  

  • The committee may organize and present some of the programming, but it is not expected that the committee will provide all the programs.   Rather, the committee will solicit others with applicable knowledge or experience to be active leaders in the various activities. 

  • The committee will offer opportunities and activities that cover a wide range of spiritual subjects that are aligned with Unity principles and values, as well as diverse learning formats which may include book studies, video and topic-based discussion groups, guest speakers, retreats, workshops, and other formats.  It is an expectation of the committee to have a minimum of one enrichment or education program per month.

  • The committee will be responsible for scheduling a year-round educational and enrichment program at UTC.  This will include coordinating the schedule, logistics and promotion of events offered either by the committee or other interested parties.  This will also include maintaining a yearly calendar of enrichment and educational events.  The committee will also work with other committees (e.g. marketing, social media) to promote and raise awareness about enrichment and educational activities.

  • The committee may also explore partnerships and collaborations with other spiritual organizations, educational institutions, or community groups to expand the reach and impact of the programs. 

  • The committee will ensure that appropriate resources, materials, and technology are available to support the delivery of the programs. 

  • The committee will not be responsible for activities of non UTC organizations (e.g. Al-Anon), fundraising, Sunday services and fellowship, business meetings or the scheduling of other committee events.  

  • The committee will seek suggestions regarding topics and presentations from the congregation on a regular basis to determine their interest in various program options.  The committee will also seek participant feedback and evaluations on programs offered to improve program offerings.  The committee will regularly review program offerings to ensure relevance, effectiveness, and alignment with the evolving needs of the community.  


Vickie Green: vickie@vickielgreen.com, Ann Reed: annmreed53@gmail.com, Mollie DaBell: molliedabell@yahoo.com, and Jill Zofia: jillzofia@hotmail.com