Meg Gray

Board Media Officer
Unity of Traverse City

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I came to Unity of Traverse City when I was hired as the Office and Programs Coordinator, in January 2020, two years ago yesterday, as I write this. I had not grown up in a religious home or ever considered joining a church, but have always been a spiritual person; open to many paths, but resistant to organized religion. I was interested in a part-time job and my friend, Evelyne, suggested that Unity was hiring in the office. She and I were on a similar spiritual path at the time, so I felt assured that I would be accepted, which I have been. I was interested that my new job provided a spiritual outlet, enjoying Sunday lessons that spoke to me, and also participating in the music team, which I have loved being a part of.

I immediately felt accepted by the congregation and supported by this family. I joined Unity of Traverse City, as a member, after a few months. I returned to my previous job after 10 months, after being offered a new position, but have remained an enthusiastic member. I feel that I was divinely guided to the job opening so that I could find this community.

I am a wife and mother of three beautiful girls, ranging in age from 10-20. Professionally, I am a veterinary assistant and am currently in a degree program to become a licensed veterinary technician. I began this career over 20 years ago, and am passionate about my love of both animals and learning! Spiritually, my personal practice has focused on leading women’s spirituality groups, sharing about divine femininity, and holding sacred space for empowered sharing and ritual.

Though I was saddened by Rev. Eileen leaving the church, I see incredible potential for growth. We can create the vision for what we want to create moving forward. I believe all will come together in divine timing. I believe my experience as the Office and Programs Coordinator gives me insights as to the inner workings of the church. I was in a unique position being behind-the-scenes as we moved into covid protocols and relying more heavily on technology to deliver meaningful messages to the congregation. I am excited at the opportunity to help support and give back to UTC as a member of the Board of Trustees.