Sunday Celebration Services

Our wish is that your first visit to Unity of Traverse City will be one filled with joy and that offers you a very meaningful celebration of God in your life today!

Senior minister Rev. Eileen Stulak leads our Sunday celebration service which begins at 10:30 a.m. in our sanctuary. We have an average attendance of 60-65 people each week and our service length is typically one hour in length.

Unity of Traverse City is focused on being a positive path for spiritual living. As such, our services include an uplifting message with ‘take-aways’ for practical application in your daily life. In addition to the weekly lesson, our services always contain elements of prayer and meditation and are supported by inspirational, contemporary music. There is also time set aside to offer a friendly greeting to those around you.

If you are unable to attend or live out of town, you may listen to the weekly Sunday lesson available at our Media & Resources section.

November 18 – Thanksgiving Communion Service: I Am Grateful, I Am Free

Holy Communion is one of the oldest and most sacred rituals. Today, we open our hearts in gratitude to the many gifts of Spirit in our lives and all around us. And we join together in the ritual of communion as a reminder that it is an encounter of the heart and a freeing experience that can be take place in any moment that we make a personal connection with Spirit.

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