Welcome to the Unity of Traverse City EarthCare Page

At Unity of Traverse City, we hold a consciousness of the oneness and interconnectedness that we share with all forms of life. It is from this awareness that we are committed to doing all we can to protect and contribute to the ongoing sustainability of our precious Earth.

EarthCare Program Overview

The EarthCare Program consist of three levels of certification:

Level A – EarthCare Covenant

Level B – EarthCare Commitment

Level C – EarthCare Fulfillment

Each level builds upon the other, with each level having increasing levels of commitment and activities. This ranges from setting an intention with a Covenant, to accomplishing some meaningful actions in the Commitment program, to expressing EarthCare in all aspects of the ministry by becoming an EarthCare Congregation.

Unity of Traverse City has attained full certification at all levels and is an EarthCare Congregation.