Strategic Plan as of October 2018

One-Year Plan

  • Contract a land audit to be conducted
  • Visibility and Marketing Research
    • January 2019 update:
      • Internal social media team expanded with greater presence online; scope of reach and engagement significantly       increased
      • Began initial research into potentially videoing the Sunday service lessons for online viewers
  • Increased volunteering in the greater Traverse City community
    • January 2019 update:
      • Participation in two winter events scheduled in support of local food pantries and homelessness; information             requested for two summer events in support of environmental clean-ups
  • Create and schedule an onsite event for the Traverse City community
    • January 2019 update:
      • Contracted with the Friendly Garden Club of Traverse City to host their annual Garden Walk in July
  • Research additional potential community partnerships

Three-Year Plan

  • Develop specific plans and begin implementation based on the results of the land audit
  • Research external fundraising opportunities and partners

Five-Year Plan

  • Explore the potential for building a community and/or retreat center on the campus
  • Explore the potential for building housing on the campus