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We welcome guest speakers to the ministry and typically schedule a guest once each calendar quarter. From inspirational and educational, to thought provoking and transformative, we welcome those who join with us in offering a message of love, oneness, and the sacred potential present within every person.

If you are interested in speaking at the church, whether for a Sunday service or keynote presentation, please contact us at

Kennith Scott

Sunday, August 2, 2020

10:30 a.m.

The Convergence of Science and Spirituality Toward Truth

Kennith Scott, B.S., is an Engineer, Author, Lecturer and Singer Songwriter who studied Nuclear Physics in the Navel Nuclear program. Ken is also a NeuroChangeSolutions consultant who is certified in the HeartMath Institute “The Science and Practice of Heart Coherence™.” As an NCS consultant he works with organizations at an individual level teaching Dr. Joe Dispenza’s process for personal change to change organizations form the inside out.

Ken has a relentless hunger to understand the nature of reality and is continuously studying the new sciences of our time. His desire is to help individuals shift their mental model of reality from a materialistic Newtonian understanding to an energetic Quantum understanding. His belief is that once an individual cleanses their perception of outdated and often incorrect mental models of reality, the individual will naturally think and act differently. And if that individual continues to refine their mental model, the individual is participating in the natural and necessary process of evolution.

To complement and ground his intellectual pursuits, Ken maintains a daily practice of Yoga and Meditation. He loves to spend time connecting with nature and learning to learn from its infinite intelligence.

Ken is currently in private practice in Traverse City, MI. where he lives with his loving wife and pets.

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Sunday morning service lesson:

Unity as a common thread in my own spiritual journey.

The convergence of Science and Spirituality toward Truth.

A short guided meditation exploring the scientific model of us.


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Quantum Spirituality Presents: "Where did you get those Genes?"

What is Quantum Spirituality and how does it matter to YOUR life? Join Kennith Scott to take a peek into the new biology of Epigenetics, where we are learning that as human beings we are not limited to the genetics of our ancestors or even our parents. Epigenetics is showing us that we have far more control over our genetic destiny than previous scientific models based on DNA and RNA would lead us to believe. Learn what science is now telling about genetic expression and ways in which you can take hold of some of those controls.

This workshop is designed to explain the scientific model of genetic expression and to apply this new model to our daily lives. Areas of discussion and objectives will include:

● Define key terms: Genetics, DNA, RNA, Proteins
● Review the history of Genetics
● Understand the model of Genetic Determinism
● Explain the function of the Nucleus and its importance
● Explain the function of the Membrane and its importance
● Understand a basic description of Epigenetics
● Determine the environment of a cell
● Understand the physical contribution
● Understand the emotional contribution
● Understand the mental contribution
● Put this all into a greater picture