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September 2015
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Posted by Sheilaintc on September 28, 2015 at 7:57 PM

"Do I Really Need Anything?" Rev. Eileen Stulak

This week we begin our Fall Series titled 'One Presence, One Power: LIVE!', a series based on the power of prayer. Over the next six Sundays we will explore various steps that can help us strengthen our relationship with God and bring that one Power and Presence into greater expression in our lives. 

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Posted by Sheilaintc on September 20, 2015 at 3:16 PM

"The Perfect Outcome" by Rev. Eileen Stulak

Throughout this year we have been exploring how to experience Empowered Prosperity. We've called upon our inner qualities of Belief, Self-Confidence, Balance, and Patience. We invite you to listen to this lesson as we close our Empowered Prosperity Sundays series by stepping into the Flow and finding ourselves at 'The Perfect Outcome

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Posted by Sheilaintc on September 13, 2015 at 12:52 PM

"Peace Be Still"  Rev. Eileen Stulak

One of the gifts we receive when we detach from circumstances and outcomes is a consistent inner peace. We invite you to liste to today's lesson as we explore how being more mindful and present to each moment can lead to every step we take being one of peace.

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Posted by Sheilaintc on September 9, 2015 at 1:46 PM

"Lay It Down, Rise Up"  Rev. Eileen Stulak

There are times in life when we become very attached – attached to circumstances, experiences, desired outcomes and more; so much so that we fail to see how the attachments have turned into burdens that are holding us down. Listen to this lesson as we enter into a new month whose focus will be on the divine gift of ‘Detachment’. Rev. Eileen’s lesson will be one that gives us the opportunity to ‘Lay It Down, and Rise Up’.

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