Our theme for 2019 is ‘ONE HUMANITY, MANY STORIES’.

At Unity of Traverse City, we embrace the importance of remaining true to our individual beliefs, callings of our hearts, and pathways that each of us are called to walk. At the same time, we know that it is just as important to open our eyes and ears to perspectives and journeys that differ from our own.

At the core of our teachings is the spiritual principle of oneness – a principle that affirms our oneness with all people through the presence of one Creator, one God, residing within us.

Throughout this year, we will continue to learn and grow in our understanding and application of spiritual principles in our lives. And in doing so, an underlying intention will be to honor and respect the many ways in which God places Itself into expression in our world through every person, and does so in diverse and wondrous ways.

Join us throughout 2019 as we explore:

  • Spiritual principles such as grace, gratitude, love, and faith.

  • Spiritual practices of community, nonviolent communication, and setting intentions.

  • Moving through various endings in life, honoring memories of those past, and embracing healing in our lives.

  • Prosperity teachings that will focus on ‘Accepting Your Good’ through:
    • The practice of abundant living,
    • Tending our individual gardens of prosperity,
    • Learning how to go for greatness in all aspects of our lives,
    • Realizing we are more than we often settle for, and
    • Remembering that wealth of any kind can be just one conscious tweak away.

In addition, we will offer our inspirational annual holiday services, traditional rituals of the White Stone, Communion, and Burning Bowl, a celebration of Earth Day, special guest speakers, and our ever-popular annual fall series that you will not want to miss.

So, join us this year as we celebrate our oneness with all people and affirm with joy: ONE HUMANITY, MANY STORIES!