2019 Audio Lessons

Welcome to our 2019 audio lessons page. Our Sunday lessons are always positive, inspirational, and uplifting. Senior minister Rev. Eileen Stulak and various guest speakers offer messages designed for spiritual transformation and abundant living.  

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December 29, 2019 - Resolutions to Reality

Call them resolutions, dreams, desires, visions – we all create images in our minds of changes we would like to make in how we are living our lives and the experiences we would like to have. As we bid farewell to 2019, we’ll follow a 5-step process designed to transform our resolutions into reality as we move through the New Year ahead.


December 22, 2019 – Hello Friendly Stranger; God's Love Made Visible

Christmas can be a difficult time when difficult memories or current-day challenges are present. Imagine the difference you could make in someone’s life, or someone could make in yours, by simply offering kindness and sharing heartfelt joy. In this very spirit, Mother Teresa once referred to herself as a pencil in the hand of a writing God. When it comes to Its love, what stories would the hand of God write about you? How might we all make God’s love more visible this year? Great or small, each act has the power to make a difference and transform lives.


December 15, 2019 – A Season of the Heart: Making the Holidays Matter

The holidays can bring out the best and not-so-best in us. More often than not, we are at our best when we are connected to the sacredness of the holiday season. It is when we allow the outer world to dictate our experience that the anxiety takes hold. Let us follow our inner peace and experience the holiday in its truest meaning – that of a ‘holy day’.


December 8, 2019 – A Season of the Heart: Always Arriving

The beginning of Advent is often seen as a time to focus our attention inward for a ‘rebirth’ of the Christ in us. As we do, we tap into our divine wisdom and allow it spur us into action in this life such that we bring God’s presence into expression – in both times of challenge and of joy – affirming that indeed Emmanuel – God – is always with us.


November 24, 2019 – Thanksgiving Communion Service: The Great Fullness of Life

Rev. Kelly Isola writes, ‘The great fullness of life is not something to accomplish or aspire to. It is not something to be mastered, nor is it something at which to succeed. The great fullness of my life is something I lean into with every step of my human dance.’ Our special Thanksgiving service will give us the opportunity to see how the great fullness of life comes about from knowing ourselves, realizing the responsibility we have to others, embracing our oneness with Life, and being present to every experience that serves to bring out our goodness and beauty.


November 17, 2019 – Guest Speaker Blake Ringsmuth “Spiritual Capitalism – Can the 2 Coexist?”


November 3, 2019 – Second Chances

We all make mistakes. We all have days we’d like to ‘do over’. Perhaps that’s why Spirit created second chances in life. Second chances are filled with possibility and potential. Possibility for correcting mistakes, offering forgiveness, and making necessary changes in our lives. Potential for healing, growth, and bringing forth even more of our best selves. Perhaps the best thing of all, though, is that not only can we be given a second chance, we can also offer one to someone else.


October 27, 2019 – The Power of You: The Final Frontier

Historically, stories of ‘final frontiers’ reflect on how men and women have pressed forward – journeyed outwardly – to bring forth new discoveries. The frontier we are focused on discovering now is one that leads us inward. It is a spiritual frontier. Each day it calls us to expand our consciousness into new territories of Spirit. It asks that we trust in the unknown and believe we will be guided and provided for every step of the way, as will every fellow sojourner on the path.


October 20, 2019 – The Power of You: Self-Command

What does it mean to take command of your life? It means to be true to who you are and to forge your own path. Your unique path will become clearer and easier to travel when you let go of conformity and embrace the freedom to be yourself; when you loosen any hold on consistency and allow room for life’s inconsistencies and paradoxes; and when you remember that love can exist even when understanding does not.


October 13, 2019 – The Power of You: Your Soul’s Assignment

Deep within each of us is our soul’s assignment, that which we are called to do in our lives. Another way to describe it is that of Spirit, alive within you, knowing what is possible for your life. These assignments can show up in our dreams, present themselves in areas of life that are unjust, show up as a ‘missing piece’, or simply be felt in our hearts. It is up to us to make a commitment to let go of any fears or beliefs in powerlessness, and embrace the life of greatness our souls have come here to live.


October 6, 2019 – The Power of You: Your Mind and How to Use It

Our mind is a powerful thing, and perhaps one of the few things in life that we have the ability to control more often than not. It’s no wonder that our life is an out-picturing of that upon which we have chosen to focus our thoughts. In order to create a joy-filled life, we must pay attention to a few inhabitants of our mind that may not wish the same joy for us: the voice of our inner critic, resentments, and un-forgiveness.


September 29, 2019 - The Power of You: Self-Acceptance 

When we choose to be accepting of ourselves, it is because we have decided we don’t want to keep trying to be someone else or someone we’re not. We soon find that self-acceptance is a decision to be ‘all-in’ – to accept ourselves in and through both the good and the challenging times. In other words, self-acceptance at its finest has no conditions attached; it is firmly rooted in the self-worth found in the Presence and Power of God within.


September 22, 2019 – The Power of You: Self-Discovery

Self-discovery is awakening to the spiritual truth that we are here for a reason and with a purpose. It is awakening to the sacred power in us that is constantly calling us to embrace it and to believe in ourselves. Today, we will explore the necessity of facing our fears, feeling our feelings, and not taking any experience in life too personally as we walk our journey back to our truest and highest selves.


September 15, 2019 - The Power of You: A Bigger Universe - A Greater God

The advent of New Thought Christianity challenged us to look beyond the limited and often fear-based teachings about God. It asked that we evolve into a higher perspective and understanding of God. It continues to ask us today to consider that God is all-good, all loving, available to all people via any number of pathways, and answering to a wide variety of names. We begin our fall series journey by opening our eyes and hearts to a greater God.


September 8, 2019 – A Mindfulness of Prayer, with members of the UTC Prayer Chaplain team

On this Sunday prior to Unity’s annual World Day of Prayer, members of our prayer chaplain team will offer a very special service. It is one that will lead us into our hearts and remind us of the power of prayer. This will be an experience of prayerful mindfulness as we connect with divine experiences of the breath, connection, healing, and gratitude.


September 1, 2019 - Accepting Your Good Prosperity Series #4: More Than We Settle For

Life has so much to offer and there are times when we forget to look beyond all that we can see or our minds can comprehend. But with a little faith, an openness of mind and heart, and an ongoing realization of having been created in the image and likeness of God, we can receive and experience so much more in and of this life.


August 25, 2019 - What is Faith?

Faith has been defined as the power to create our reality by our perceptions, our beliefs and our interpretations. We often hear it said that ‘seeing is believing’. But, it can also be said that ‘believing is seeing’. This Sunday is a day to look at what faith means to us and seeing how our world reveals itself to us and becomes real according to our faith.

August 18, 2019 - The Hallways of Transformation

The ‘hallway’ is the place between. It can be a place of unknowing, uncertainty, and even darkness. It can also be a place of wonderful inner transformation and growth. Today we’ll look at ways that we can use our times in the hallway as a catalyst towards discovering more of our true selves and bringing them to greater authentic expression in the world.


August 11, 2019 - Finding Your Calm In A Chaotic World

What does it mean to be ‘a point of stillness in a busy world’? It means to be someone who can sit still, smile, notice their breath, walk with a peaceful gait and more – even while the busyness of the world continues all around them. Each of us has the capacity to be a presence of calm when we consistently turn within to Spirit. As we cultivate this inner relationship, we lessen any tensions and raise the quality of how we live our lives.


August 4, 2019 - Kindness is the Cure

Studies and statistics are showing that only 25% of Americans believe we are living in a kind society. Four out of five children say their parents are more focused with personal achievement or happiness than caring for others. Even with these somewhat disheartening statistics, the opportunities to be kind are innumerable and always available to us. Let’s come together and rediscover the power for good that exists in every simple act of kindness.


July 28, 2019 - Life is Messy, with Bob White

Life can sometimes be messy. The messiness and challenges that can result are simply a part of being human. They often bring us the very experiences that place us on a path to discover (or rediscover) who and what we really are: Divine beings. Join us as we welcome congregant Bob White back to the platform for another inspiring message.


July 21, 2019 – A Life of Joy

Joy is not the result of anything. Joy is a cause. Today we will be looking at joy as a divine quality of Spirit in us and how we can put this quality into the world as part of our everyday spiritual practices.


July 14, 2019 – Accepting Your Good Prosperity Series #3: Going for Greatness

Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to matters of abundance? Does the word ‘greatness’ ever feel intimidating or unattainable? The ‘greatness’ we are seeking has nothing to do with success or wealth, although both can be an end result. In fact, ‘greatness’ is already a valuable part of our own unique nature and a power that we can share in a multitude of ways.


July 7, 2019 – Living Your Life With Open Palms


There is a freedom to be had when we open ourselves fully to life and all that it holds. Today, we look at five things we can practice as a means to not hold on too tightly to the experiences life brings; rather, to hold them gently in the palms of our hands.

June 30, 2019 – Honoring Life's Endings

Even in times of sorrow, it is important to honor – and perhaps even celebrate - the endings in our lives. To do so is to acknowledge the impact that someone or something has had on our lives, to honor life’s experiences that held importance in our lives, and to recognize at new levels the divine order that governs our lives. Today, we will spend time with the ongoing cycle of beginnings and endings in life. In doing so, we will also honor the ministry’s core value of COMPASSION.


June 23, 2019 – Soul to Soul Living

The best way to inspire others to be the best they can be is to be a mirror for them – living our lives in ways that model qualities such as authenticity, self-awareness, acceptance, conscious living and more. Today, we’ll take a look in the mirror to see how we can reflect the highest and best of ourselves and inspire those around us to do the same.


June 16, 2019 – A New Perspective. Guest Speaker Seth Beaudry

Seth is a young man from Traverse City who sustained serious injuries following a car accident just a few weeks after his high school graduation in 2017. Paralyzed from the waist down, he has not allowed the accident to define his life or who he is. With a spirit of determination and deeply-held belief in the unlimited potential of every human being, Seth has already had a significant and positive impact on so many and we’re thrilled that he will be with us to share his story.


June 9, 2019 – Our Spiritual Senses


June 2, 2019 – Early Christianity

Today, we go back in time to the early days of Christianity. We look at ways in which the spiritual practices and focus of Christianity have changed over the centuries and the value to be had if we brought them back in their original form and intent into our modern day practice.

May 26, 2019 – Honoring Memories

Memories are as unique as we are. They are made up of what was or what happened. They also serve to help us create who we wish to be. So, let us honor our memories by finding the value they hold and putting that value to use in our lives and in the lives of others.


May 19, 2019 – Guest speaker Steffany Barton: Pieces of Peace

We welcome back Steffany Barton to Unity of Traverse City! Steffany will once again offer us a piece of her own heart as she shares her words of wisdom and surrounds us in her powerful presence of peace.

May 12, 2019 -  Guest speaker Brenda Bartz: The Courage to see God

The courage to see God in each person we encounter on this earth starts with looking in the mirror. Brenda will share more about how discerning her personal core values led her to embrace herself and her spiritual journey more fully.


May 5, 2019 -  Accepting Your Good Prosperity Series #2: Tending Your Garden

We all know that for a garden to grow, it needs our loving attention. Prosperity is no different. It begins with choosing the seed of abundance that we desire to bring into our lives. It continues only as we tend to it through our thoughts, words, and actions.


April 28, 2019 – Volunteer Appreciation Day: Humbled and Exalted

The spirit of volunteerism and service is alive and well in our spiritual home. So much is given so generously by so many. Today, we honor YOU and the countless and selfless ways you support Unity of Traverse City and bring to life these words of our mission statement: 'We are a thriving, Spirit-centered community . . . .!'

April 21, 2019 - Easter Sunday: The Easter of Your Life

Easter is not just a celebration of Jesus's life. It is also a celebration of ours. We see in him - a master teacher - all that are capable of in our lives. As we follow his example and live his teachings, our lives shine and offer the love of God into the world.


April 14, 2019 – Palm Sunday: Into the Chrysalis

Sometimes it can feel that the emphasis around the Easter Season is placed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Today, we take time to enter into the experience associated with Holy Saturday, the time in the tomb. We'll see it as a chrysalis that offers us a time of reflection, release, and powerful transformation.


April 7, 2019 -  Earth Day Celebration: Beholding Heaven on Earth

On this Sunday, we celebrated Earth Day 2019. There is beauty and mystery that lie deeply within our natural surroundings. It often leads us to experiences of Spirit, helping us to experience pieces of heaven right here on earth.


March 31, 2019 -  Healing Words of Life

When life gets out of balance – whether in our spiritual, physical, or emotional experiences – the words we speak to ourselves are as integral to bringing a healthy balance back into being as anything else. Join us as we explore some of the healing truths contained in Unity’s teachings.


March 24, 2019 - Holding Our Best Intention

Were you with us on January 6, White Stone Sunday? Did you claim a guiding word or phrase – a new name – for this year? If so, you set a very special intention for yourself and all that this year holds for you. We look at our intentions and how best to stay true to them as time goes by. We honored the ministry’s core value of INTEGRITY.


March 17, 2019 – Being Enough

At one time or another, we all have moments of wondering if we’re doing enough. We wonder, in all the different roles we play, are we enough? When we remember our sacred essence, which is always enough, we can find it easier to do more and be more without finding ourselves in states of discontent along the way.


March 10, 2019 – Reading the Bible in Public

Using scripture to find personal meaning and direction can be a very meaningful spiritual practice. However, we should also be cognizant of the risk of doing so in ways that alienate us from others in lieu of bringing us together in the name of common values and universal religious teachings. Today, we look at ways to use the biblical writings in uplifting and uniting ways.


March 3, 2019 - Creating Community

Community is all about shared humanity – the connections we make with others. In this year of celebrating ONE HUMANITY, MANY STORIES we pause to look at the idea of ‘Oneness’ and how its deepest meanings can be found in the diversity existent all around us.


February 17, 2019 - Mind Your Own Business

Have you ever wanted someone else to change? Have you ever told someone what they should think or how they should feel? Has anyone ever tried to manage or control you in similar ways? When we look outside of ourselves, we are not giving attention to the business at hand in our own lives. We can use Unity’s basic teaching principles to get us back on the track of our own souls and see how that always impacts our relationships and the world for the better.


February 10, 2019 -  Prosperity Series #1 - Accepting Your Good: Living Abundantly

In this first offering of our 2019 prosperity series, ACCEPTING YOUR GOOD, we’ll look at what an ‘abundant life’ means from a spiritual perspective. With that in mind, we’ll see how we can each get started on this sacred path of prosperity in our own lives.


February 3, 2019 – Everyday Namaste

On February 3rd we honored our core value of LOVE. We’ll see how our capability to love just one person is truly telling us that we have the capacity to love all people, including those we may call our enemies.


January 27, 2019 -  Nonviolent Revolution

We celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Season for Nonviolence, inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Join us as we explore peaceful revolution as expressed through the practice of nonviolence in our thoughts, words, and actions.


January 20, 2019 -  Cultivating Our Creativity

Do you view creativity as your natural state of being? Some do, others do not. The truth is, when we open ourselves to whatever Spirit is calling for us to do in life, doors open and provide an outlet for unhampered and unlimited creativity. All we need do is continually seek, practice, and follow that which inspires us.


January 13, 2019 -  The Upward Pull of Grace

Grace is perhaps the most profound experience of being one with God. Today, we’ll take a look at grace to see what it means, how to experience it, how to express it, and how to welcome it more consistently in our daily lives.