A Year At Unity of Traverse City

At Unity of Traverse City, we prayerfully select a theme that will be our underlying focus for the year. In 2018, our theme is ‘GROWING DEEPER INTO GOD’. Throughout the year we will explore various spiritual teachings and principles that strengthen our personal relationship with God and bring forth powerful transformation in our lives and in the world.


We begin the year with our traditional White Stone Ceremony. This is a powerful opportunity for you to discern the unique intention that God is placing on your heart for the year . . . an intention that you write on a white stone you are provided and carry with you as a reminder throughout the year.  


February is a time when we come together for our annual membership meeting. It’s a time to celebrate the year past and plan for all that lies ahead. We provide updates from all operational areas of the ministry, discuss any applicable business matters, and elect new members to our Board of Trustees. You must be a member of Unity of Traverse City in order to vote.

We also begin our annual Outreach program in February, which is typically a food drive for the local Traverse City area.


One of our favorite events is the kick-off to our Spring Basket Silent Auction. Individuals, families, and/or teams put their creative hats on and create wonderful baskets with many and varied themes. Everyone has fun bidding on the baskets over 3-4 weeks, with the proceeds benefitting the general operations of the ministry.


Join us we celebrate Easter, a Sunday celebration service offering a transformative resurrection message and uplifting music, and then a fun time with our children during our annual Easter Egg Hunt following the service.

In April, we also celebrate Earth Day and recommit to all we can do to assure its sustainability. Lastly, we take time to honor and celebrate our wonderful volunteers on Volunteer Appreciation Sunday. We would not be here without them and this day is all about them and the gratitude we feel for each and every one.


We have a powerful Prayer Chaplain program at Unity of Traverse City. In May, we invite our congregants to take time in prayer to discern whether prayer chaplaincy may be the next step in their spiritual unfoldment. General information meetings are offered, with training sessions beginning later in the summer.


In June, we celebrate all of our graduates and open to all that the summers in Traverse City bring. We also begin the annual training for our wonderful Prayer Chaplain team.

We offer our second outreach program of the year, one in which a special financial offering is taken and donated to a local community agency in service to those experiencing challenges in their lives.


In July, we bless the tourists, the festivals and events, and do all we can to be a welcoming presence in our beloved community.


August is when we offer our annual back-to-school outreach program, which focuses on providing food, supplies, financial assistance, and more to children and families preparing for the start of another school year.


We join with millions around the world in celebrating Unity’s Annual World Day of Prayer. A sacred opening night service, followed by a 24-hour prayer vigil and closing ceremony highlight this powerful experience of prayer. 2018 will mark the 25th anniversary of this worldwide event.

Late September/October

In late September, we begin our annual Fall Program series. This is typically a 6-week series based upon a book chosen especially for the program and one aligned with our mission to transform our lives and the world. We offer small group circles that meet each week to explore the contents of the book even more deeply. They do so fully supported by a curriculum created specifically for this purpose. We celebrate the end of the series with a fabulous evening of dinner, food, fellowship, entertainment, auctions, and more!


Join us on the Sunday before Thanksgiving for a special communion service. We join together for a time of sacred connection and sharing of gratitude.

We kick-off our final Outreach program of the year, one in which we share our abundance by providing gifts to children and/or families in our local community who may be experiencing financial challenges.


The season of Advent begins and continues through the Sunday before Christmas. We choose a special theme for our Advent Series, which includes the lighting of a candle each week in recognition of a particular divine quality that resides within us all.

We have a very special Christmas Eve Candle Lighting service that typically begins at 5:00 p.m.

On the last Sunday of the year, we will offer our powerful Burning Bowl. This is an opportunity for you to release, by ritualistically burning, those things in your life that no longer serve you. You simply write them on a piece of rice paper, place it upon the flame, and watch as it all dissipates into nothingness. During this service, you also have the opportunity to write a letter to God setting forth your intentions for the New Year. You’ll receive your letter in the mail mid-way through the year in order that you can ‘check-in’ to see the progress you have made or make any adjustments you may wish to make. It is a very powerful way in which to enter into the start of a New Year.