As the spiritual beings we are, there are always new levels of spiritual growth, understanding, and evolvement to uncover. This certainly applies to the many and varied forms of prosperity we can experience on any given day.

Prosperity begins with consciousness. We ask ourselves what we believe about prosperity, as well as our beliefs about its place in our lives. That is where we start as we set out to create a life that is God-inspired, abundant, and meaningful.

As we embrace our 2018 theme, ‘GROWING DEEPER INTO GOD’, we also apply it to our ongoing exploration of prosperity principles. We take all we have learned and practiced to date and GROW DEEPER into the next level of understanding within us.

Join us throughout 2018 as we offer this five-installment prosperity series. The lessons will be spread out over the course of the year so that we all have time to learn the tools and practice the spiritual principles in our individual and unique ways. We’ll spend time celebrating our ‘official’ 35th anniversary and having paid off the ministry’s mortgage, and then ‘grow deeper’ into self-worth, the concept of infinite possibilities, creating healthy living, and experiencing greater productivity through living in the present moment.

Our prosperity Sundays include:

Sunday, January 28, 2018: Yes, In-DEED!

~ Let’s celebrate and offer our gratitude as we celebrate the ‘official’ 35th anniversary of the ministry and having paid off our mortgage!

Sunday, March 4, 2018: Discover Your Worth

~ Prosperity begins within. If we do not value and claim our sacred worth, how can we expect to live prosperous lives? It is time to see ourselves as the holy and precious creations of God we each are and bring forth our contributions to heaven on earth.

Sunday, May 20, 2018: Infinite Possibilities

~ We live in an infinite universe. Accessing all it has to offer begins with our thoughts and the visions we hold. Let’s pivot from any thoughts of limitation to unlimited possibilities.

Sunday, August 26, 2018: Manifesting a Healthy Life

~ We’re all likely familiar with healthy choices as they pertain to food, exercise and rest. There are many other avenues to greater health and overall well-being that center on the energies we use and offer as we move through each day and interact with those around us.

Sunday, November 4, 2018: Peace + Present Moment = Productivity

~ Discover how finding inner peace . . . in the moment . . . will result in your consciousness being raised and your overall productivity flourishing.

Mark your calendars and open to GROWING DEEPER IN PROSPERITY in your lives throughout 2018!

Our Prosperity Blessing and Prayer

God is my source, and I give generously of my abundance in all forms. I live a consciousness of prosperity, and I joyfully step into the flow of giving and receiving. I believe that every moment offers a gift, one to give or one to receive. I give thanks for the prosperity in my life, and celebrate the unlimited possibilities present in every moment. And so it is, amen.