March Celebration Service Lessons

March 3 – Creating Community

Community is all about shared humanity – the connections we make with others. In this year of celebrating ONE HUMANITY, MANY STORIES we pause to look at the idea of ‘Oneness’ and how its deepest meanings can be found in the diversity existent all around us.


March 10 – Reading the Bible in Public

Using scripture to find personal meaning and direction can be a very meaningful spiritual practice. However, we should also be cognizant of the risk of doing so in ways that alienate us from others in lieu of bringing us together in the name of common values and universal religious teachings. Today, we look at ways to use the biblical writings in uplifting and uniting ways.


March 17 – Being Enough

At one time or another, we all have moments of wondering if we’re doing enough. We wonder, in all the different roles we play, are we enough? When we remember our sacred essence, which is always enough, we can find it easier to do more and be more without finding ourselves in states of discontent along the way.


March 24 – Holding Our Best Intention

Were you with us on January 6, White Stone Sunday? Did you claim a guiding word or phrase – a new name – for this year? If so, you set a very special intention for yourself and all that this year holds for you. We’ll be looking at our intentions today and how best to stay true to them as time goes by. Feel free to bring your White Stone with you to infuse it with even more of your intentional energy. If you were not with us on White Stone Sunday, we will have additional stones available if you would like one. We will also honor the ministry’s core value of INTEGRITY.


March 31 – Healing Words of Life

When life gets out of balance – whether in our spiritual, physical, or emotional experiences – the words we speak to ourselves are as integral to bringing a healthy balance back into being as anything else. Join us as we explore some of the healing truths contained in Unity’s teachings.