Our theme for 2017 is ‘35 Years: Cultivating a Living Legacy’.

Unity of Traverse City will celebrate its 35th anniversary on January 31, 2018. Our ministry began as a divine idea in the minds of a handful of dedicated individuals who wanted to deepen their spiritual understanding and live their lives according to the principles offered through Unity teachings.

Their commitment and dedication were the seeds that would eventually blossom as a new Unity church in Traverse City, and continue growing into all that the ministry is today.

Join us throughout 2017 as we experience a year-long celebration of our 35th year. We will explore the profound impact that can be made in our lives and in the world when we choose to embrace wholehearted living in order to be all that we are truly called to be.

To support us in this year of celebration, we’ll use teachings and tools offered to us in ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’, by Brené Brown. We’ll explore ways to cultivate:

Courage, Compassion, & Connection
Meaningful Work/Lives
Resilient Spirit 
Intuition & Trusting Faith
Play & Rest
Laughter, Song, & Dance

Love, Belonging, & Being Enough


Gratitude & Joy    


Calm & Stillness 

So, join us this year as we celebrate and add to the living legacy of the ministry, as well as our own. Legacies built and cultivated upon an underlying premise of being deliberate in our thoughts and prayers, inspired to make new and exciting choices, and choosing to put it all into action in our lives.